Assessment test

Persons, who would like to apply for one of our training programs, need to participate in an assessment test. We will invite you to take the test if you submitted a completed application and if we are curious to find out more about you.

The test will cover various topics relevant for successfully completing an apprenticeship in our company.

The coordinating trainer will assess the test. If you pass the test, we will invite you for an interview in the weeks following your assessment. During the interview you will get the chance to ask questions about the company and we an opportunity to get to know you better.

As part of the awarding of our traineeship positions, we use the professional aptitude tests of the employers' association of the Bavarian electrical and metal industry, bayme vbm. The candidate must consent the processing before starting the aptitude test. The company receives the test results after the test. The personal data (first and last name) collected is automatically deleted six months after the start of the respective training year. The anonymized test data remains in the system for quality inspection purposes.