Material inspector m/f


  • inspection of the material properties of the parts produced

Location & duration of training

  • 3.5 years
  • training facility in Mellrichstadt
  • teaching blocks at the vocational college in in Selb (Oberfranken)

Key aspects of training program

Foundation course in metallurgy:

  • acquisition of skills such as filing, sawing, thread cutting, etc.
  • preparing manufactured parts for measurement of physical and chemical properties
  • measuring material properties

Various training courses regarding the detection of defects in manufactured parts (quality inspection):

  • training course “Magnetic Particle Testing”
  • training course “Ultrasonic Testing”
  • training course “Penetrant Testing”

Area of work

  • materials laboratory

Required skills & interests

  • very good at mathematics and physics
  • very interested in physical questions
  • interested in technical devices
  • technical understanding