our product philosophy

Top quality in the highest quantities

In the precision world at REICH, a human hair is as thick as a tree trunk – in comparison, the dimensions in which we manufacture our threads, gears and gearing parts are tinier than tiny. There is no room for tolerances or deviations, and every part must withstand the highest pressures. However, this expertise alone is not what sets REICH products apart. It is also our ability to reproduce this precision and 100% quality millions of times without errors, without complaints. An example: we produce well over 30 million of our top-selling pressure pipe sockets for common rail diesel injection systems every year with zero errors. Our customers have valued us for decades and recognise our work with quality prizes and awards.  

Everything from a single source – because we can

This uniqueness is no coincidence. One reason is the high level of vertical integration and, in turn, our mastery of sophisticated technologies and processes. For example, the pressure pipe socket mentioned above goes through up to 12 complex manufacturing steps over a period of three weeks before it can be tested for quality in a complex measuring and testing process and finally delivered to the customer.  REICH has all the systems necessary for these steps in-house as well as a dedicated special machine and toolmaking department. Another reason lies in our development expertise: our in-house design department frequently designs components in close collaboration with the customer. Our knowledge of all manufacturing processes is invaluable when it comes to optimising the design of cost-effective and high-quality production processes.    

Not without our employees

REICH employees play a decisive role in our unique selling proposition: "uniqueness". Without our employees' many years of experience, their specialist knowledge, their understanding of the tasks and their competence on the one hand, and their motivation and commitment on the other, we would never stand out from the crowd. Thanks to our employees, we are the provider that does it better than the rest.     

"Made in Germany" yet globally competitive

With every new tender, REICH faces tough international competition from companies from all over the world. Nevertheless, we can impress in this exclusively price-driven business and frequently offer our products more cost-effectively than the competition. This works despite our labour-intensive manufacturing location in Germany – or precisely because of it. The decisive factor is our combination of 100 per cent quality, even for large batch sizes, which we ensure through a high level of vertical integration and stable processes.