Diesel injection

Highest precision with zero-error performance with an average production number of well over 30 million parts per year – it's not for nothing that the pressure pipe stubs for common rail diesel injection systems is THE success product of REICH. Around 600 million of the complex turned parts have been delivered to vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers worldwide since production began in 1998. The pressure pipe stubs are created in twelve demanding production steps over a three-week process at the company headquarters in Mellrichstadt. A vertical integration of 100 percent, many years of experience and high process reliability combine to create a unique distinguishing feature that has brought REICH to a leading position in international competition and has been recognised by several customers with numerous awards.   

With other components such as rod filters, coupler bodies and locking screws from REICH, the pressure pipe stubs in modern diesel engines of cars and commercial vehicles help to minimize fuel consumption and comply with CO2 emission limits – today and in the future. 

Overview of components: Diesel injection

Area of application Component: Diesel injection

  • engines
  • fuel-efficient EURO 6