Education means a better future

1. Member of "Wissensfabrik – Unternehmen für Deutschland e.V."

In cooperation with other societal stakeholders we aim at preparing Germany for a sustainable future and the young generation for the challenges of a knowledge society. The focus of our activities lies on establishing partnerships with schools to realize projects and events.

Target group

Partnerships for education with local schools and their students.

2. Partnership for education with "Malbach Primary School Mellrichstadt" – a STEM-certified primary school

In cooperation with "Malbach Primary School" and the city of Mellrichstadt the project "Fit in Deutsch - Proficient in German" was created. German immersion classes are offered to students of migrant background. A fully trained teacher and specialized material for supplementary classes are provided.

Furthermore, we realize projects for the subject Arts and Crafts in cooperation with "Malbach Primary School".

Target group

Primary school students in Mellrichstadt.

3. Partnership for education with "Ignaz-Reder Middle School Mellrichstadt"

In cooperation with "Ignaz-Reder Middle School Mellrichstadt" we realize technology projects for students. The idea was to develop a continuation of the project with "Malbach Primary School". While we aim at deepening the students' general interest in technology and science, we also offer vocational orientation at the same time.

Target group

Students in ninth grade at "Ignaz-Reder Middle School Mellrichstadt" the year before applying for training positions and commencing an apprenticeship.