Processing adds value

REICH’s expertise in mechanics, metallurgy, assembly and knowledge of the finished end product offers the flexibility required to respond to customer requests in a timely and professional manner.

Using cutting-edge production technology supports the continuous development and modification of our manufacturing methods and processes. Our technical skills include metallurgical, mechanical and thermal product treatment.

Efficient work cycles, reduced fitting and changeover times further contribute to the reliable and punctual provision of goods of consistently high quality.


The wide vertical range of manufacture of our finished products is based on each product completing several peripheral product stages or processes. This procedure permits customized mass production which meets the specific product requirements and the needs of the customer.

The continuous improvement of the manufacturing processes and methods applied reflects REICH’s investment in state-of-the-art facilities and in the professional development of a new generation as well as existing personnel.


Our processes:

  • turning
  • milling
  • gear cutting
  • hardening
  • grinding
  • deburring
  • surface refinement
  • plastic injection molding
  • assembly
  • special machine construction
  • inspection

User-customized products

1. Turning
  • multi-spindle turning 
  • CNC turning 
  • rotary indexing machines
2. Milling
  • CNC treatment
3. Gear cutting
  • internal & external gears 
    • milling 
    • shaping 
    • broaching 
  • running gears & splines 
  • ready-to-install
4. Hardening
  • heat treatment
  • case hardening
  • inductive hardening
5. Grinding
  • internal grinding
  • outer diameter grinding
  • seal-seat grinding
  • surface grinding
  • honing
  • lapping
6. Deburring
  • surface enhancement
  • enhancement of mechanical properties
  • enhancement of performance
  • enhancement of joining and running properties
  • facilitation of assembly
7. Surface refinement
  • visual impact
  • uniformity
  • corrosion protection
  • enhancement of the gliding properties by improving the joining properties
8. Inspection
  • measuring system
  • tactile & visual camera inspection systems
9. Assembly
  • manual assembly
    • downstream inspection
  • fully automated assembly
    • integrated inspection
    • high level of uniformity
  • reduced run time
10. Special machine construction
  • linking of machinery, facilities & processing
  • customized mass production by mounting and refitting standard machinery
  • handling equipment
  • installing/uninstalling components and machining parts


Quality "Made in Germany"

REICH has very high expectations with regard to the quality of its products. Reich’s manufacturing methods or processes as well as products are certified to ISO standards.