Gasoline direct injection

REICH components for high-pressure direct injection systems in petrol engines have been equipped with around 50 million vehicles since production began in 2010. These include valve sleeves, inlet connections, high-pressure connections, connection sleeves and O-ring adapters. The high pressure load and special corrosion protection of the components not only require high-alloy materials and the highest precision in the manufacturing process, but also the use of complex testing and measuring methods (e.g. reflected and transmitted light cameras, eddy current tests), all of which are available in-house at REICH. REICH's components, which are currently produced in quantities of around 17 million annually, help to minimize fuel consumption and comply with CO2 emission limits in modern passenger car petrol engines – today and in the future.

Overview of components: Gasoline direct injection

Area of application Component: Gasoline direct injection

  • engines
  • fuel-efficient EURO 6