Special ball bearings

They are, so to speak, the endurance or long-term runners in the REICH product portfolio: with ball bearings in customized designs, REICH got a lot rolling since the 1950s. In office and textile machines, passenger elevators, conveyor systems, tool cabinets, pharmacy drawers and household appliances - to name just a few examples - REICH's special ball bearings ensure smooth running, perfect material flow and the ability to handle high loads. 

REICH continues to manufacture individually developed special ball bearings for more than 30 customers in various industries today and in the future. Regardless of whether special hygiene regulations have to be adhered to in the food industry, plastic coatings are required for particularly smooth running or a high surface quality - the REICH team adapts to a wide range of product requirements. 

Overview of components: Special ball bearings

Areas of application Component: Special ball bearings

  • Food processing industry
  • Robotics, cargo, crane and conveyor systems
  • Construction and building industry
  • mechanical engineering