New markets and new potential for turned parts

Precision-turned parts are not only needed in the automotive sector. The REICH portfolio caters for special requirements across a wide variety of sectors and industries.   


Especially with special ball bearings, REICH has established stable customer relationships in a wide variety of industries – including a manufacturer of building technology that uses our plastic-coated ball bearings for shading systems and blinds. In robotics, mechanical engineering, cargo and conveyor technology as well as the furniture industry, REICH supplies more than 30 different companies with ball bearings in a wide variety of designs and sizes. The extremes here range from equipping the well-known, smooth-sliding “chemist pull-outs” in drawer cabinets to a testing facility for large pipe systems. In the food industry, special ball bearings from REICH are used in the conveyor technology in poultry slaughterhouses. We also use the contacts in our network to analyse and develop additional new business areas. 

We gained a foothold in the growth market for e-bikes in 2015 with high-performance gears and transmission parts and have since equipped more than 5 million e-bike motors. Through innovation partnerships with our customers, we work primarily on acoustic performance, minimising installation space and the weight of the drive unit in the e-bike. We are also pursuing unconventional approaches with our customers, for example, with a completely new type of shaft gear. 

Another new business area that offers guaranteed further growth is the generation of “green” energy using hydrogen as an energy source in fuel cells. REICH products can be found here in compressors and in tank systems for liquid and gaseous hydrogen.