Company policy

Company policies and goals of REICH GmbH in Mellrichstadt for quality, environment and energy

Customer satisfaction

We want to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with top quality.

  • Through forward-looking planning, produce quality products under economic conditions 
  • By determining and fulfilling customer requirements 
  • Through high flexibility 
  • Through permanent, error-free production quality (no errors)
Goal: customer retention
High quality

Quality is our highest Goal.

  • We use problems as opportunities for improvement. 
  • Quality is a result out of the work of our employees 
  • Compliance with legal requirements, international standards, and customer requirements 
  • Zero defect strategy by constantly improvement processes 
  • Using statistical methods (SPC)
Goal: error-free products
Energy management

We keep our energy as low as possible in all activities.

  • Compliance with legal requirements, international standards, and customer requirements 
  • Contribution to climate protection (e.g. reducing CO2 emissions) 
  • Continious improvement of our energy efficiency 
  • Using our own energy sources

Goal: Reduce invironmental impact and optimise costs
Occupational safety

We want all our employees to return safely to their friends and families after every workday.

  • By providing personal protective equipment 
  • By avoiding accidents at work and minimising the risk of accidents 
  • Create suitable work and safety conditions 
  • Implement risk assessments and establish protective measures in all areas

Goal: Avoid accidents at work
Protecting the environment

We design our production processes environmentally friendly by using resources consiciously and reducing recycling waste.

  • We use the latest technology to actively protect the environment 
  • Reducing our environmental impact 
  • We are committed to complying with general legal conditions, international standards, and customer requirements
Goal: Reduce environmental
Suppliers development

We want to assess and develop our suppliers in terms of quality, energy, and environmental aspects by using their competencies.

  • Evaluation of the incoming goods of our suppliers according to delievery reliability and quantity 
  • Increased use of certified suppliers (e.g. IATF 16949, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001) 
  • By actively supporting our suppliers in developing their competencies

Goal: Competent suppliers
Employees development

We ensure employee skills through training and further education.

  • Increasing awareness of quality, energy, and the environment 
  • strengthen proactive actions and initiatives 
  • Promotion trough training and further education instruction 
  • transparent communication

Goal: Increase employee qualifications and satisfaction
Continious improvement

We increase our quality, environmental, and energy levels through continious improvement and the employee suggestion system.

  • Continuous improvement means improving our competitiveness 
  • By automatization, digitization, and optimization of processes 
  • By reducing environmental, energy, and quality costs

Goal: systematic improvements in all areas

Our Code of Conduct


We require compliance with the national and international standards, laws, and regulations of the countries with which and in which we work. This code of ethics is mandatory for us.

Equal treatment

REICH GmbH complies with Germany’s General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz, AGG). Respect and tolerance for every human being is a core value: Discrimination of any kind is neither tolerated nor supported in any way.

Anticorruption policy

All our employees avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests conflict with those of the company. To that end, they are forbidden from participating in companies of competitors, customers, or suppliers, or entering into business relationships with them in the private sphere, if this might bring about a conflict of interests.

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