Automotive und non-automotive

REICH has been “at home” in automobiles and commercial vehicles for many decades. We are a reliable and competitive partner in the global automotive industry for our customers – vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. Our components for injection systems, steering, chassis and transmissions are fitted in millions of vehicles worldwide. Our portfolio caters for vehicles with combustion engines as well as those with alternative drive systems. We see ourselves as an innovative champion of future mobility while continuing to offer products for all of the drive types mentioned. 

In addition, we have always relied on additional pillars because turned parts are needed in many industries and many markets. This includes, for example, our extensive customer base for special ball bearings that are used in furniture, building technology, the food industry, robotics systems and many other areas. However, we are also opening up new, promising business areas such as the growing e-bike market, launching products for climate-friendly energy generation and continually keeping an eye on new opportunities and options.