REICH has been supplying gears, transmission and motor shafts as well as drive gears for the transmission assemblies of around five million e-bikes since 2015. Their task is to synchronize pedal speed and engine speed and thus support human muscle strength. The main requirements for the parts of the assembly are weight, maximum strength and low noise: these are continuously optimised in a long-term, close development partnership with the customer – for example through innovative materials, component downsizing and the finish of the materials used. In a complex manufacturing process with up to seven steps and sophisticated measurement technology, the gear parts are produced in the highest quality and in more than 20 variants. In this constantly growing market, REICH can offer batch sizes of 100 to 1.5 million pieces per year.   

REICH will start series production of rotor rings and bearing sleeves for shaft gears in 2024 for a second e-bike customer with an alternative drive system. Their production steps are more complex due to the alternative functional principle – elliptical instead of circular movement in the shaft gear – and require special measuring technologies. Their advantage is the significantly reduced space requirement of the drive unit.       

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