With steering pinions, drive pinions, steering and spindle nuts, steering and threaded spindles, input shafts and various assembly components, REICH ensures the safe operation of modern steering systems. The parts have been used in the sensor and servo units of electromechanical steering systems since 2009 and also in the mechanical control of active rear axle steering systems (Active Kinematics Control, AKC) in cars and light commercial vehicles since 2016. They not only meet high requirements for low-noise function and the transmission of high torques, but as safety-relevant components they must meet special requirements. 

From very small batch sizes to enormous quantities of up to 5 million pieces per year, REICH is able to offer this sophisticated gear engineering process with five production steps from a single source and without errors – for current and future models of the combustion engine generation as well as for current and future electric vehicles. 

Overview of components: Steering

Overview of components: Rear axle steering (AKC)

Areas of application Component: Steering

  • Electromechanical steering
  • Rear axle steering