Tool mechanic m/f


  • Manufacture of tools and devices for production
  • Manufacture of individual components for turning, milling, grinding, and drilling machines
  • Assembly of individual components to form complete tools

Location & duration of training

  • 3,5 years
  • training facility in Mellrichstadt until completion of part I of the examination
  • specialized training in the respective department or workshop at the Mellrichstadt facilities until program is completed
  • teaching blocks at the vocational college in Bad Neustadt

Key aspects of the training program

Foundation course:

  • acquisition of skills such as filing, sawing, thread cutting

Training course in machinery tools

  • basic principles of machining
  • acquisition of continous knowledge and skills relevant for turning and grinding
  • • introduction of CNC-Technology

Area of work

  • tool making

Required skills & interests

  • technical understanding
  • great interest in math and physics